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Be Famous on Instagram

Want to grow audiences on Instagram for getting more followers and agents? Or simply to advocate yourself to your potential customers? Instagram is a powerful platform now in 2019 and you don’t want to miss it!

Online Publicity Personal PR

Want to get featured on an powerful online magazine or get interviewed by key online influencers to boost personal publicity to impress investors and crowd fundings. Having a reputable online identity also gives way to prospective networks for business and personal gains.

Helping You to Achieve Success Faster

Reach Out to More People. Get Valuable Connections

Network is very important and we all know that. Back at the old days, we get to know people from events, gatherings, friends and families. But in the modern days, the online is the Social Network

You are a leader and you are building a team.

You are a business person and you want to reach out to more potential clients.

You have a Brand and you want to promote it to the targeted audience.

You are an Entrepreneur and you need a Nice profile to convince investors and for crowd fundings.

Goal Setting

What is the objective of your fame? To reachout to potential customers? Or to recruit aspiring new members to your fantastic team?

Glam Coaching

You want to be someone that others look up to and someone that customers would trust. And we are here to consult you.

Social Media Management

It would be totally stressed out for you to be who you are and do all the social media activity by yourself. Just leave that to us.

Brand Profiling

You are what you present yourself as. Personal packaging, online content creation is one important part to create that special you.

Why Do You Need Personal Branding?

Being famous makes things easier for you. Whether you are pitching for million ringgit fund from investors, selling properties, selling insurance policies or even online selling, you need to build audiences, people who follow your stories and contents, and making them trust you .

Making people believing in you

Let’s face it. If you have money to invest on a business, would you invest on an entrepreneur who have never been heard before and no where to be found on social media or the start up entrepreneur who has built up his / her fame on social media and seeming supported by lots of people? You know it.

Reaching out to targeted audience

You want to be famous and so you want lots of followers on your social media account. But you also want to have targeted audience that would buy your ideas, buy what you are selling and invest in your projects. Agree? I’m sure you do.

You want young talents to follow your foot steps

At some point of your career / business, you might want to have young talents to join your team and grow with you. The stronger your personal branding is, the more inspired they are to be like you.

Customers prefer to trust you
As the fame rises, customers will have higher faith to what you are selling. Be it a real estate property, to online beauty products, people tend to trust whoever seemingly more famous that the others. Its time to make your life easier!
Being famous has many advantages
You will not only have the opportunity to get to know more people, and you might also get invitations to events ocassionally.

About Influencer Maker

We are a brand that create influencers. We grow audiences for you, grab the lime lights and enhance your personal publicity.


“Hi Alex. I’m getting a lot of really great followers which leave comments and huge amount of likes… Almost 1000 likes for a post… What did you do?!” DC Gan

Entrepreneur, Magnum Studio

“From 30-40 likes per post to close to 200 likes! I almost gave up Instagram, but thanks to you Alexander. I am now spending most fo my time on Insta. Its more engaging here than FB. I’m really excited!” Desmond Chan

Real Estate Agency Manager, DAC Advisory

“10,000 plus followers in just a few months time! Incredible! I’m getting much more audiences for my page! Thanks Alex for making this worth while!” Greenbean Zi


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3 Week Career Workshop

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Find Your Path. Set Your Goals. Make a Change. Reward Yourself. Be Glamorous. Create Legacy

Create your own legacy from here. Profiling yourself marks the trail of your success. Be the legend that inspires future leaders, and give faith to your valuable customers. Be the reference where your talents can refer to and be proud.

Grow your audience today and not only letting people attracted to your personal brand but also get addicted to! Chat or online video call, let us help you 🙂

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